Keep the memory
of your loved one alive

Bespoke online memorials with a simple plaque and unique QR code to share the memories of your loved one

Losing a loved one is hard but you will always have your memories

Cloud Memories creates long-lasting physical and digital memorials to share your precious memories. With Cloud Memories you can establish a bespoke online memorial, available online for decades to come. A simple plaque and unique QR code links to the online memorial, allowing you to share the story of your loved one.

Memories that stand the test of time

QR Code
Memorial Plaques

Share your memories globally

A cloud of memories

Cloud Memories provides unique online memorials, powered by a robust computer infrastructure, to ensure your memories will be available in the cloud for years to come. Upload pictures, videos and messages and share the story of your loved one.

Memorial plaques

We provide you with a durable laser-marked stainless steel plaque that can be embedded into a headstone, or mounted onto a bench or other hard surfaces. When scanned with a mobile smart phone the QR code links to the personalised online cloud memorial.

Available in a rage of sizes with the option of a photo or personal message.

Collect & share memories

Invite family and friends to contribute to the memorial page. They upload images and videos and you choose which fond memories you wish to keep. Share memories with friends and family across the globe using the social share buttons.

Start sharing your memories

Reminisce about the good times, the funny stories and the precious moments.

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